Workplace systems and worktops

 Workplace systems are the most variable helpers in the workshop and production.

What are Workplace systems?

We need space to be able to work.  Workplace lines or workplace systems are modules that can be extended in every respect and in this way can equip a whole company.  These modules can be combined and complemented with other series. The dimensions of the space of the assembly table cannot be determined uniformly. They depend on the body height, the movement capacity as well as the body posture of the employee. These parameters define the individual measurements of the work zone.  An appropriate optimization of the space provides an efficient workflow. We concentrate on the series of Hydline, Workline, Work grids, Workergonomy, Workoffice and their mobile workplace systems.

Definition of the 4 gripping zones:

Work centre:  in the direct visual field both hands work together optimally in smallest space.

Extended work centre: in this zone both hands reach all necessary work materials at the best movement capacity.

One-handed zone: tools and parts can be picked up or putted down by one hand.

Extended one-handed zone: outermost area of the useable gripping zone.

The swivel arms can move freely over three axes within the gripping zones in accordance with the actual work sequence. They enable short distances in an unlimited assembly area. .


Characteristics of the model series Hydline heavy duty tables.


Ergonomics at work place. The work place, that adapts individually to the respective body size of your employees.  Optimal working conditions as sitting or standing position.

Work tops variable made of beech multiplex or plastic. The electric height adjustment of Hydline becomes more and more popular. Up to 600 kg bearing capacity are no problem for these height-adjustable work benches. This work place line you can have with 1 or 2 electric motors. Hydline has got an infinitely variable speed adjustment of the motor that can implement safely and quick large forces and torques.  The acting overload protection by the pressure control valve implies a high power density of comparatively identical electro motors.  Due to the realisation of parallel working linear drive elements a long lifetime, high positioning and uniform movement are guaranteed.




Infinitely variable speed adjustment of the motor

Includes large forces and torques

Safety at work place

Parallel working linear drive elements

Long lifetime

High positioning

Infinitely variable height adjustment of  700 mm – 1100 mm

Optimal working conditions

2 x table widths: 1500 & 2000 mm table depth:  750 mm

Adjustable feet for level compensation



     Individual adjustment options

     Equal load up to 600 kg

     Quick acting overload protection by the pressure control valve

     Guarantees an equal hub by high load lifting

     Achieved by the hydraulic drive

     Frictionless, low-noise flow

     Flexible adjustment of the work height

     Adaptation to body size for sitting and standing position

     Combinations with tripod and multiwall construction optimize the concept

     Easy adaptation to floor unevenness


Characteristics of the model series  Workergo

The Workergo is comfortable – dynamic and innovative. Height-adjustable by clamping system, manual crank adjustment, and electric height-adjustment with 1 motor (180 kg load capacity) or 2 motors (300 kg load capacity). Various feet systems (Racks) available.



     2 different racks: C-feet and 4-feet

     4 x widths: 750, 1000, 1500 & 2000 mm , 3 x depths: 600, 750 & 900 mm

     4 different types of height-adjustment

      Infinitely variable height-adjustable

     Available as a complete offer or modular system

     Direct supply of energy

     Wide range of accessories, diverse possibilities of workplace design

     Base frame made of steel pipe 45 x 45 mm, traverses made of aluminium profiles 40mm

     4 different work tops

     High-quality powder coating in 10 standard colours



     You decide which design you want

     Offers an individual workplace design, row-, angle-, and corner combinations are possible

     Comfortable adaptation to the work height of 670 to 1015 mm (without panel, HA-area 345 mm)

     Power and compressed air can be led directly to the working area

     With load distributed over bench surface loadable up to 300 kg depending on type of the height-adjustment

     Also available with ESD- conductivity

     Two-colour paint with the standard colours possible at no extra cost


Characteristics of model series  Workline

The Workline series are height-adjustable. You can have the Workline with clamping systems, manual crank adjustment and electric height adjustment.




            Infinitelyvariable height adjustment of  735 mm – 1100 mm

·           Base frame made of steel pipe 45 x 45 mm, traverses made of aluminium profiles 40 x        40mm

·           Modular system

·           Diverse accessories: extension frame, tripod, multiwall construction

·           Complete energy supply, lightning and/or compressed air

·           High-quality powder coating in 10 standard colours

·           2 x table widths: 1000 & 1500 mm table depth:  750 mm

·           You can choose between 6 different work tops

·           Swivel arms and superstructures

·           Linking with wheel conveyors




     Dynamic working position – flexibility in all areas

     With load distributed over bench surface loadable up to 200 kg per table, quick and easy to shift

     Single workstations can be extended to group workplaces in short time

     Easy and flexible design and modification of the workplace

     Energy is there, where you need it in the assembly tripod with an obligatory 35 Watts halogen lamp

     Environmentally friendly coating methods

     Row- and corner combinations by means of tables in different performances realizable

     For each application the right solution

     Optimization of the gripping zones

     Reduces distances, the work cycle and improves the production flow


Characteristics of model series  Workoffice

The workplace system Workoffice is characterized by a variety of options. It is infinitely height-adjustable up to 670 – 1030 mm. The removable tubular steel frames (45x45 mm) in the modular system can be connected in a row as well as in a corner, the total loading capacity is 200 kg.  Depending on the work top and the combination the workoffice system kann be used for totally new tasks. The workoffice workplace system is constructed modularly. The work tops and frames can be bought in various colours and materials (Work tops).


Characteristics of model series  Workraster

Work tops are the base of the workplace systems like Workraster. On this work platform you can work. Depending on the task the work tops have to comply with certain conditions. Therefore there are not only various panel thicknesses of 25 – 50 mm, but also different materials. The classic type is the beech multiplex workbench. The tops you can have waterproof, steamed according to DIN 68705, with glued bars, finger-jointed, raw or oiled. As a workbench top they can be used with a 3 mm steel edge as L-Profile or a complete 1,5 mm galvanized steel cover. The second largest form of work tops is the large selection of medium density wood fibreboards. There are MDF panels with trovidur coat, linoleum cover (2,5 mm plastic cover) or 0,7 mm HPL-cover. Depending on the use one attaches importance to high abrasion resistance, heavy flammable surfaces or resistance to saline solutions and alkalis. Also there are melamine resin coated chip core panels. For electrostatically endangered areas there are ESD-conductive work tops or the various types of plastic tops. The black workbench tops are pressed of regenerat rubber, the white ones of PE 500. These work tops have an excellent chemical and antibacterial resistance. These conditions are valid also for workplace systems or packing table.

Packing table and combinations

Whether in the production or in the despatch department, theses packing tables are essential helpers in the despatch and packing. Here it is decisive, that due to the mature concept of the table a big time saving in the packing and dispatch is possible and the employees have an optimal work environment. The packing tables shall be designed with a cutting stand for cardboard, bubble wrap or foam foil. There are cutting equipment and stands in various designs. Common combinations are double-sided packing tables with double cutting stands of mobile systems.

Workplace systems with mobile combinations

Only in conjunction with mobile logistic systems the efficiency absolute optimal. For every workplace line there are mobile devices and supplements. Whether in the production or workshop, the area of application is unlimited.

Due to our representatives and our local service you have the possibility to see and to test our products. Our experts accompany you from the planning throughout the offer to the construction.

- Everything from one source. - Have a try!



Characteristics of multi walls and attachments

Multi walls are for all workplaces and work situations also suitable for the production. The multi walls offer individual design options. In many workplace systems profiles are already integrated, because they are constructed to a modular form. All workplace systems can be combined together. In this way entire production chains can be created, and always with appropriate equipment. The slotted and perforated profiles of the multi walls are welded and strengthened. The standard dimensions are: the heights: 650, 950, 1250 and 1500 mm. The widths: 700, 1000, 1500 and 2000 mm. Of course the panels and profiles as well as our case- and corner workbenches are powder-coated with a non-poisonous coating method. All extensions and the broad accessory assortment are available in the common RAL-colours. The multi walls offer for every application the right solution. In conjunction with the surface frame lightning and equipment rails are no problem and ensure the necessary ergonomics at workplace. Also an energy supply with power and compressed air is possible in the energy bar. In this way each workplace is equipped self-sufficiently and can be upgraded any time.


multiwand mit apl

Workplace systems as a basic in every workshop

They build the basis in every workshop or hobby room. A workplace system is a work table with special devices for industry or trade. The range of functions of a workplace system was increased since the invention and also the specialisation of the different areas has been multiplied enormously. So the requirements to the workplace systems of a jeweller are fairly differentiated in comparison to the ones of the automobile workshops. A workplace system in the production has different requirements as the ones in a trade workshop.

Therefore the customer shall be aware of the individual requirements and needs of the workplace system and take it into account during the purchase decision before choosing the right workplace system. Also it is decisive with which tools you want to work mainly or which field comes into question. As the processing of the work pieces can speed up the wear of the workplace system. If you work frequently with welding machines a purchase of a work place system with a coated work top (fireproof) is worth it. Another important criterion is the space requirement and planning of a combination of a work place system. If some operations have to be done in different areas the efficiency of your work can be affected enormously if you have to walk long distances to your next work station. In order to guarantee a fast workflow it is advised to buy a mobile workplace system. In this way unnecessary ways can be saved. The processing time decreases and the efficiency of the work increases. An integrated drawer block system in your workplace system is useful in some areas for the storage of tools. The height of the work place system is playing a big role for the work comfort and the ergonomics on the work place. If you have mainly time-consuming and precise work it is advised to buy lower workplace systems. In order to guarantee the flexibility work place systems are height-adjustable, manual or electric. Also the workplace systems are constructed modular and are free combinable. So nothing stands in the way for big operation planning.


Workplace systems and work benches

Werkbankkombinationen werden auch unter dem Begriff Arbeitsplatzsysteme gefunden. Sie bieten einen optimalen Überblick bei der Arbeit. Die Belastungsgrenzen von Werkbänken ist wegen ihrer robusten Beschaffenheit äußerst hoch angelegt. Die Modelle im WACHTER-Online-Shop zeichnen sich durch eine kompakte und sehr gute Verarbeitung aus. Auch lassen sich moderne Werkbänke oftmals aufgrund einer durchdachten Konstruktion demontieren oder umbauen. Die Standfestigkeit ist ein weiterer wichtiger Faktor der Qualität von Werkbänken. Die Belastungen der Fußgestelle sind Bauart bedingt. Die Fußgestelle sind in H, C oder X Form und bieten dadurch unterschiedliche Belastungsklassen. Gummierte Füße, wie man sie bei Modellen wie Workline, Workraster, Workoffice, Workergo oder Hydline antrifft, sind auch in privaten Haushalten gut einsetzbar. Diese Arbeitsplatzsysteme schonen den Boden und sind nicht so gewichtig, wie die größeren Modelle.Es gibt verschiedeneTypen von Werkbänken. Je nach Einsatz und benötigte Arbeitsplatten wird nach folgenden Modell-Arten unterschieden:

Consulting on workplace lines at  WACHTER

The decision for the appropriate workplace system is often not possible without sufficient experience. Therefore you get if you wish a competent consulting on workplace systems at WACHTER. Whether personally, locally of by telephone. Here no open questions remain. Also online you benefit from an extensive consulting service at WACHTER. Equip your workshop with the appropriate workplace systems and enjoy the advantages we offer you. Benefit from the longstanding experience of WACHTER. Whether you are searching for a workplace system a worktable of office furniture here you will find everything for companies, for offices or workshop equipment.

All workplace systems you can have in the common RAL colours.       ral farben          Also special painting and corporate logos are possible.

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